Dr. Michalak's speech on artificial intelligence

Speech entitled " Fault based liability for artificial intelligence systems “ during the III Conference New Technologies and Artificial Intelligence. Legal and practical aspects of the trust ecosystem. Pedagogical University of Cracow Institute of Law and Economics, Cracow 22-23.10.2021


Dr. Michalak review functions

Dr. Michalak has joined the College of Reviewers of the Legal Monitor (C.H. Beck)


Dr Michalak being appointed as a judge of the Disciplinary Court of the Polish Chamber of Patent Attorneys

Dr. Michalak has been appointed as a Judge of the Disciplinary Court of the Polish Chamber of Patent Attorneys


Dr. Michalak's participation in the discussion panel of the international consumer conference

Dr. Michalak took part in the discussion panel during the VIII International Consumer Protection Academic Conference CHALLENGES FOR CONSUMER LAW IN THE GLOBAL, REGIONAL AND LOCAL DIMENSION 5 – 6.10.2021.


Dr Michalak’s opinion in Newsweek (No. 39/2021) on the protection of personal rights of companies

Dr Michalak's statement and article for the Newsweek weekly magazine on the protection of personal rights of companies


Dr. Michalak new book

C.H. Beck publishing house has published Dr. Michalak's monograph entitled Civil Liability in Computer Software Trading in the Era of Artificial Intelligence: Series: Legal , September 2021. Number of pages: 568


Dr. Michalak has joined WSB Academy academic staff

Dr. Michalak will conduct lecturers on Copyright Law for foreign students at the WSB Academy (3rd place within non-public universities in the Ranking of Universities- Perspektywy 2021)


Dr. Michalak's lecture for students of the European University in Krakow

Dr. Michalak gave a lecture entitled "Inspiration-quotation-plagiarism-rules and borders", during the Separator Creative Initiatives Festival organized by the University of Europe in Krakow, June 26, 2021.


Dr. Michalak's interview for Polish Radio

Dr. Michalak gave an interview for Polish Radio 2 on "Protection of personal rights in film", April 19, 2021


Lecture for SPWPS students

Dr. Michalak gave a lecture entitled "Shaping a legal career - the profession of a patent attorney" for SWPS students, branch in Poznań 10/11/2020