Dr. Michalak's speech at an international conference

Dr. Michalak delivered a lecture entitled “Robot as a new object of property rights-remarks based on the Directive (EU) 2019/771 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 20 May 2019 on certain aspects concerning contracts for the sale of goods.” During International Conference: Artificial Intelligence & Human Rights 29-30.10.2020, Andrzej Frycz Modrzewski Krakow University, Poland.


Dr. Michalak's speech at the conference on artificial intelligence

Dr. Michalak delivered a lecture entitled "Draft Regulation of the EU Parliament of 4 May 2020 on civil liability for the operation of artificial intelligence systems - a step in the right direction or an unnecessary deviation from the general principles?" during the conference "New Technologies and Artificial Intelligence. Legal and practical aspects of the trust ecosystem ”. Pedagogical University of National Education Commission in Krakow Institute of Law and Economics, Krakow October 16, 2020


Lecture by Michalak at the Department of Intellectual Property Law of the Jagiellonian University

On March 6, 2020, Dr Michalak delivered a speech on "Directive 2019/770 on certain aspects of contracts for the supply of digital content and services - consumer regulation or interference with copyright relations?"


Dr. Michalak's lecture for the Institute of History of the University of Warsaw

Dr. Michalak gave a lecture on Copyright aspects of scientific and didactic activity at the university, with particular emphasis on plagiarism, Institute of History, University of Warsaw, Kraków-Warsaw, 3 June 2020


Lecture by Dr. Michalak for the patent attorneys association

Dr. Michalak gave a lecture entitled Amendment to the Code of Civil Procedure of February 13, 2020 (Journal of Laws of 2020, item 288) concerning proceedings in cases of intellectual property - main assumptions and significance for a patent attorney, for the Małopolska District of PIRP, Kraków, June 2, 2020.


Supreme Court on business secrets in the case of Dr Michalak

Dr Michalak represented the Norwegian company in the winning dispute regarding the protection of business secrets in the case before the Supreme Court (file reference number III CSK 217/17)


Commentary on copyright

C.H. Beck published a commentary on copyright, edited by Dr. Arkadiusz Michalak.


Protection of industrial designs in the automotive sector

In the jubilee book on the occasion of 100 years of patent attorney in Poland an article by dr Michalak on the protection of industrial designs in the automotive sector.


Training of patent attorney trainees

Mec. Michalak was appointed by the National Council of Patent Attorneys to the Program Council for updating the program of training for patent attorney trainees.


Business secret

During the Akademia Rzeczpospolita organized by the Rzeczpospolita daily Dr Michalak gave a lecture on the protection of business secrets.